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SAGITTARIUS (DECEMBER JANUARY 18) CAPRICORN (JANUARY Your Astrological Sign Has Shifted: NASA Updated The Zodiac Signs For The First.

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Chinese Horoscopes

With a general luck for wealth, you will be prone to money losses, especially in windfall, thus suitable for investment. Love relationship can be quite unstable, and you need to guard against a third party from disturbing your normal life. Your luck for health can be less satisfactory. You may suffer from minor illnesses and need to accept treatment in time to cut off the future trouble. July August 19th — September 16th, The horoscope will show an uptrend this month.

Play for safety and do not rush for quick success in career. Consolidate at every step and unite all forces that can be united at work. Though the luck for wealth will be good, you still need to spend in a planned manner, control the money flow and consolidate the savings seriously. In view of the poor luck for windfall, you are not suggested to make venture investment.

When it comes to health, keep a reasonable diet to prevent gastrointestinal diseases. August September 17th — October 16th, With a general fortune in this month, you may encounter some obstacles in career and need to handle the relationship between colleagues properly and work together to survive any difficulties and obstacles. In terms of wealth horoscope, you will have luck in work income and should manage money affairs carefully to accumulate more money.

Due to the bad luck for windfall, you should think twice in investment to prevent losing all the capital invested. In this month, you will have the best luck with the opposite sex. If you are single, you can expect a relationship; if you are in a relationship, just seize the opportunity to consolidate your emotional life. September October 17th — November 16th, The horoscope of this month will be general. Your career can be easily impeded, so prepare for accidents in advance and be calm no matter what happens.

In this way, any problem can be readily solved. In work, pay close attention to the people and things around, and be careful not to be set up by the vile, which can cause endless trouble to you. The wealth aspect can be unstable, and you are advised to save and manage money properly against a rainy day. Because of the poor luck for windfall, you are not suggested to get involved in guarantee, loan or investment. Blessed in love and health, you just need to recuperate and build up energy.

2020 Year of the Metal Rat Chinese Astrology Forecast Predictions

October November 15th — December 14th, This month can be bad. Take a broad and long-term view in career, and work hard to strive for a better future.

At work, consolidate at every step and make progress while ensuring stability. Otherwise, either you keep forging ahead or you keep falling behind. The wealth prospects can be very low. Although you can make more money, the unexpected expenditure will also go up and you'd better save to prevent from breaking the pale. In addition, no investment is suggested. As for love and relationship, you may encounter some problems and should be on guard against a third party in your life.

In health, keep an eye on dietary hygiene as a closed mouth catches no flies. November December 15th, — January 12, You will be quite lucky this month. With the help of others, you can move forward smoothly as long as you take a hands-on approach and are precautious beforehand. This month can be a good time to develop interpersonal relations. Just keep in mind that harmony brings wealth.

Chinese Horoscope

With pretty good luck for wealth and even windfall, you may properly invest to get profits and do not be greedy. The horoscope of love and health can be good, so just be cheerful and optimistic to welcome a better life. December January 13, — February 11, Under the blessing of lucky stars, your horoscope will go up though some problems still exist. The career may seem to be smooth yet have hidden trouble. No matter what you do, be perceptive of the slightest and crush the source of trouble in the egg to drive the cause forward. In work, be diligent and honest, trim the sails and mind your words and deeds at any time to avoid causing any trouble.

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With a common horoscope of wealth, you are suggested to give priority to saving. Besides, you will be fine both in love and health. What's Your Lucky Number? Most Popular 1. Download Apps - Zodiac. Chinese Calendar. Auspicious Chinese Names. Third party interference could harm an otherwise happy relationship.

Sheep are plagued by the 5 Yellow Misfortune Star this month and the 9 Magnifying Star only makes matters worse. Lie low and stay clear of negativity whenever possible. Stick with what you know, and who you know, rather than seeking something new. Gossip is also possible. Avoid participating in this gossip or office politics — walk away before you say something you might regret. Give one another some space and the benefit of the doubt as you tackle this month. Caution is needed as Monkeys approach this month. Energy levels are good but the presence of the 5 Yellow Misfortune Star puts roadblocks in your way at every turn.

Tension surrounds your workplace, with office politics and gossip interfering with daily work. Wait till another time to make big plans or investments. Some people follow feng shui advice of moving things, physically, around a bit to change the negative energy.

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Change the position of a chair, a plant, anything that shakes things up a bit. The cure for the misfortune star is by placing a Tri-Coloured 5 Element Pagoda 7.

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Love is not pleasant now. Even simple conversations could lead to difficulty, so lie low a bit. If others point out something troubling about your partner, maybe you should listen to them. Singles might do well to avoid serious dating this month. The 5 Yellow Misfortune Star rules now, threatening some chaos if you are not careful. Carrying the feng shui 5 Element Pagoda Keychain or wearing the Bejeweled Five Element Pagoda Pendant Gold helps prevent harm in the form of accidents or illness from this star.

Take care of your health and steer clear of dangerous environments or activities. Danger can also mean a setback from an unwise business decision or risky endeavor.

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  4. Lie low and stick with what you know and projects already underway. Work energy is tense and either your temper or that of a co-worker could be dangerous. Personal matters are also affected by the 5 now and relationships suffer anger issues. The good news is that the 1 Star is also present and adds a calming influence when truly needed.

    Try to be understanding and avoid arguments whenever possible. Again, the Rooster is a strong sign and will suffer less from this negativity than another sign might.