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SAGITTARIUS (DECEMBER JANUARY 18) CAPRICORN (JANUARY Your Astrological Sign Has Shifted: NASA Updated The Zodiac Signs For The First.

Also, a Taurus male provides the attention required by the Leo female which in turn boosts her self-esteem.


But, personal discrepancies will not make the relationship last long. Passionate love affairs are common in a Taurus man and Leo woman. But, a long-lasting relationship is rare and difficult.

In the long run, clashes of temperaments and personalities would lead to arguments. In order to maintain a healthy relationship, both should work with an open mind. They would need to understand each other well and adjust accordingly.

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Thus, a relationship between a Taurus man and Leo woman is difficult. But, if both have a determination to maintain the relationship, it will turn out to be positive. Show it off to your friends. Know amazing things about yourself right away. Leo should think about what caused her to fall in love with Taurus in the first place. Taurus is as solid as the earth; when Taurus says he cares, Leo can take that sentiment to the bank. Leo doesn't have to wonder if Taurus only likes her for her sunny disposition or charming good looks because this is not an earth sign that makes snap decisions; Taurus wants the entire package.

Once Taurus commits, he commits for life. This is important because above all, Leo admires loyalty and character, and in Taurus, she'll find these characteristics in spades.

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Leo should also learn to respect Taurus' methods for living. After all, it's that very dogged and determined nature that has given Taurus all of his worldly possessions.

Taurus and Leo Love and Marriage Compatibility

The one thing that will cause Taurus and Leo trouble every time is their very natures. Both of these signs are fixed, and along with Scorpio and Aquarius , they don't give up ground easily. This is a challenge that needs overcoming, especially in a romantic relationship. When conflict arises, as it's bound to, one or both of these signs will need to bend a bit, and this is something both Leo and Taurus loathe.

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She will have to relinquish some control and exhibit patience with her careful mate, and he will have to let loose once in a while and go with the flow. The love compatibility between these two sun signs can be improved with some work. If they can reach a compromise, they will have a partner for life. Otherwise this Leo woman Taurus man zodiac matchcan be difficult. Tags leo leo female love love compatibility taurus taurus male.

Man of his words. Respects my limitations but man enough to handle a lioness. Infact it would not be an exaggeration if I said taurueans are the only ones strong enough to handle us Leos. Disregard all the negative stuff…. I figured out that i am in love him and I want him back.. I know his ego is stopping him from contacting me.. His ego and stubbornness what stands between us.. We are best friends and definitely a yin and yang. Both artists.

One in the public eye, and the other the foundation of my success. I say with a two heart rating.

Leo and Taurus Compatibility

It can work! Respect and kindness are the key! There is a profane arrogance and a Divine arrogance, Divine arrogance is about being sure and Confident in yourself, and is never to be confused with the profane arrogance.

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That is why we are to be Divine free critical thinkers, open minded, and not have a box mentality, whereas we see things one way only. Do not allow others to label you as being one definition. Defining is ongoing. Thank you or addressing that.

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I hate to see Leo negative traits…they contradict our positive traits.