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SAGITTARIUS (DECEMBER JANUARY 18) CAPRICORN (JANUARY Your Astrological Sign Has Shifted: NASA Updated The Zodiac Signs For The First.

As there are many methods of calculations of Gulika and Mandi in our granthas, at this juncture, it is always advisable to follow the methods which are research-based. Hence I have chosen to follow the methods of Dr. S, Charak as stated in his book Essentials of Medical Astrology. Gulika: - In daytimes the lords of the first 7 parts are the seven planets reckoned from the lord of the week-day chosen in the order, the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. This represents the longitude of Gulika. SlideShare Explore Search You.


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At the time of the fatal mishap, Jupiter and Gulika were in times of Mesha see chart 4. Gulika and Progeny Gulika in the fifth house, particularly in rashis 3, 6, 10 and 11, leads to lack of children. In such a situation, the native is likely to have some defect in his generative organs. Gulika may ensure successful conception when: i Gulika and the Moon are in the same sign; ii Gulika is with the fifth lord; iii Gulika is aspected by the fifth lord; iv Gulika in the other sign of the fifth lord; v Navamsha lords of Gulika and the Moon are related mutually.

A successful conception results when Jupiter transits the times of Gulika rashi or Gulika navamsha rashi.

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When Gulika is in any of the first six rashis Mesha to Kanya , consider the transit of Jupiter from the Gulika rashi. When it is in the last six signs Tula to Meena , consider the transit from Gulika navamsha rashi. Gulika in Special Lagnas Gulika in houses 1 or 7 in the Pada Lagna causes grey hair, ill health and serious disease of the stomach. When AK and Gulika occupy the Karkamsha lagna and both are aspected by the waxing Moon, there ensue losses from repeated theft.

The native dies of poisoning if Gulika in Karkamsha lagna is not aspected by any planet. It may be noted that the same aspects, as applicable to the natal chart, are to be applied to all the special lagna charts like Karakamsha, Pada, Upa-pada, Navamsha, etc.

Raja-yoga from Gulika The dispositor of Gulika, a its navamsha lord, placed in a kendra or trikona, or in its own sign or in exaltation, mollifies the adverse effects of Gulika and gives yoga effects, though its lethal propensity markatwa would remain intact. The Phaladeepika states: Let the Gulika be in a kendra, a trikona, or be strong, in its own house, or in exaltation or in a friendly house. A potent Raja-yoga results from this disposition.

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In chart 3 vide supra , Gulika is in the eleventh house. Its sign lord Venus is strong, in its own navamsha. The Gulika navamsha rashi lord in time shows a good and strong Raja-yoga. In the horoscope of Mr.

Gulika is 1S'. Gulika rashi lord Venus and navamsha lord Jupiter, are in there own signs. Its Dwadashamsha lord Sun is exalted. A strong Raja-yoga is formed and the native becomes powerful during Jupiter dasha. During Jupiter-Venus, the Rajayoga results would be enhanced. Gulika is at 1S' in the twelfth house. However, its rashi lord Venus is exalted in the tenth house.

Gulika (Maandi)

This exhibits a potential Raja-yoga. To Mitigate the Evil The evil of Gulika must be neutralised by prescribed remedies. Parashara recommends that one should worship lord Shiva regularly in the evening, bow down to the Sun-god and lord Vishnu in the morning, and light a holy lamp of ghee before a Shiva temple. This would defy the evil arising out of an adverse disposition of Gulika.

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Gulika, Recognize your Misfortune & Master your Karma, Vedic astrology with case study

Popular in Belief. Angel Canales Alvarez. Probal DasGupta. I am thinking: It is retro and hence can be erratic, sitting in the 8th longevity and badaka lord; so the end can come suddenly. Is my reading somewhat acceptable or plain wrong? Restore Default. Which should I use? Each astrologer will have their own preference.

In some of the articles, I have explained my preferences on some of the points. Please feel free to use your own or just keep the default as well. Sri VS: For a female, if Jupiter is a functional malefic, does it mean anything in terms of marriage?

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Look at only the strength of venus for male placement, dignity and aspects not the functional nature. For example say saggitarius lagna, venus is full FM. But if exalted in 4th house, it is great for marriage, especially if mercury as 7th lord is also placed well. The amount of KT you have done for me is a lot VS. There is so much misinformation out there especially about divisionals.

My heart felt thanks.