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SAGITTARIUS (DECEMBER JANUARY 18) CAPRICORN (JANUARY Your Astrological Sign Has Shifted: NASA Updated The Zodiac Signs For The First.

Peaceful, inspiring, and generous but also outspoken, deviant and dominating. Not overly interested in leadership. Strong feelings for family and friends.

Chicchan (January 2nd - January 21st)

Needs companionship. Interests or abilities in the arts. Sensual, sexual, intuitive and sensitive to the concerns of others. Energetic, busy, nervous. Often extremely intelligent, but also parnoid and wild. This includes the subject of death and the afterlife. You possess an incredible amount of faith in your legacy on Earth and believe in great rewards once your time is over.

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The Mayans believed that those born during this time were bestowed with the blessings and positive light of Ah Kin. They can bring joy and optimism to all whom they encounter. Although they were born with sunlight in their souls, they tend to worry a lot more than is healthy. Share on Facebook. Chicchan January 2nd - January 21st. Ix January 22nd - February 10th. Cauac February 11th - March 2nd. Kan March 3rd - March 22nd. Manik March 23rd - April 11th. Imix April 12th - May 1st. Muluc May 2nd - May 21st. Lamat May 22nd - June 10th.

Akbal June 11th - June 30th. Cimi July 1st - July 20th. Cib July 21st - July 25th. Chuen July 26th - August 14th. Ben August 15th - September 3rd.

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Eb September 4th - September 23rd. Men September 24th - October 13th.

Mayan Zodiac: Here's What Yours Says About Your Personality!

Oc October 14th - November 2nd. Caban November 3rd - November 22nd. Ik November 23rd - December 31st. Search for:. Skip to content He was the vision-serpent itself that shamans sought as a portal to the other-worlds of the gods. Mayan Zodiac: Imix — Crocodile Kawil strikes the shamans with his lightning-bolt-hatchet right in the middle of their foreheads, symbolizing a new consciousness. Storm Character by Mayan Horoscope Interest in leadership and performance.

The key characteristic associated with Kan is peacefulness.

Horoscope: March 19th - 20th

Those who fall under this sign are professionals at instilling unity and tranquility within groups — be it with their colleagues or with friends and loved ones. At the same time, those who fall under Kan are not ones to be taken advantage of.

Cauac mayan astrology

To the contrary, they will stand up for themselves and what they believe is right. Those who fall under the Manik sign tend to be confusing to those around them. This is because they have less defined personality traits and are more inclined to be secretive. They very rarely tell or show others how they truly feel, which keeps acquaintances guessing.

The sign of Imix represents the sun and earth. Consequently, it signifies that those who fall under this sign enjoy the great outdoors — particularly when the weather is clear and the sun and moon are visible. Those who fall under the sign of Imix also tend to be dog lovers with a strong affinity for the playful, loyal and curious nature of pups. Those who fall under this sign tend to be empowered during intense thunderstorms due to Muluc correlation to water rain and fire lightning. Other characteristics of Muluc include a strong distaste for liars.

Those who fall under the sign of Muluc tend to be quite bold in calling out dishonesty when they see it. People born under this sign are incredibly lucky and wise. When placed on a team, these individuals tend to be the link that brings it all together and propels the union to victory.

As a result of these characteristics, people tend to look to those born under the Pax symbol for guidance and advice in life.

Mayan Day Sign Cauac

Those born under the sign of Akbaltend to search for deeper meaning in everything. To the contrary, they are prepared to work hard for everything they want in life. This attitude grants them the ability to press onwards through months and even years of labor until they reach a goal. Because of this, the characteristics ascribed to the sign of Wayeb include deep spirituality and a connection to the supernatural world.

Individuals born under this sign tend to be very interested in the concepts of heaven and reincarnation. They understand how to propel a group forwards but at the same time, they connect with individuals on their team and acknowledge their unique sensitivities and needs. As with a couple of the other signs in Mayan Astrology, those who fall under Ben tend to perform best between night and early morning.

They are also brilliant leaders who enjoy adventure and discovering new places.

They tend to enjoy these activities most on their own or with a pet dog. People born under Eb have a very powerful connection to nature. They tend to possess the qualities of deer — graceful yet sensitive and sometimes vulnerable. Those who fall under the sign of Men an affinity for navigating their way through nature. They are the explorers, navigators and hunters of the world.